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Flag Information

Green Flag-start....indicates the start of the event or restart after a caution period.

Yellow Flag-everyone slow down to a safe speed and follow the car you were behind on the last green lap. You will be lined back up on the track where you were running.

Red Flag-this flag means danger, stop as quickly as possible. Due not pass the flagman when this flag is displayed. The cars will be lined up again where they were running on the last green lap.

Black Flag-rolled up is a warning. A flying black flag means go to your pit. A black flag for unsportsman like conduct will result in disqualification.

Blue/Yellow Flag-displayed to the car being lapped, must allow lead car to pass.

White Flag-entering last lap.....indicates to the driver that they have started their last lap.

Checkered Flag-the race is finished.....indicates the completion of the race.
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