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2013 Donnie B Photos

2013 Winner

photo by Keith Cumming

Photos by Heather Morey

30 Pure Stock cars raced for the chance at a huge chunk of money!  This is the Don Byfuglien traveling trophy. The winner gets to keep it for a year. The check that will have the winners name on it and the collage that was given to Donnie's mom Crystal.

Tabasco shots anyone? These guys didn't know what they were in for. And I do believe a few of them puked after! But Troy Hammer was the winner of a gift certificate from Doug's and a 6 pack of beer to wash the taste out .  Right to left: Kevin Johnson, unknown, Troy Hammer, Jeremy Byfuglien, Oliver Ullman, unknown.  If you know the other 2 gentlemen please go to the Contact Us page and email us their names.  Thank you.

Some drank the Tabasco and some just drank their beer.

Jon Byfuglien (Don's nephew) leading the Pure Stock cars to the start of the feature! What a great tribute to a man who truly loved the dirt!

5 girls and 5 boys from the crowed were chosen to see who could eat the most Oreos (with out milk)! The winner was Eric Johnson and he walked away with a Boa hockey stick and t-shirt!

Dons truck made its way around the Greenbush Race park for the 1st annual Don Byfuglien Memorial race . Driven by his nephew Jon Byfuglien.

Crystal Byfuglien received a memorial picture of her son Don Byfuglien in his racing years.

Crystal and Jon

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